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 · How to Prune and Propagate a fiddle leaf fig Tree. November 2, 2017. Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees (and bushes) are still all the rage in home decor. Their large green leaves add a lot of life to indoor spaces, and they tend to do well with minimal care. Find a groove that works for your fiddle leaf, and you’re sure to raise a healthy plant.

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Over the last 5 years, the Ficus lyrata, otherwise known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig has exploded in popularity. It is the necessary indoor accessory. And what’s not to love, with its enormous (fiddle shaped) glossy green leaves, sculptural presence and it’s pure stamina, with the ability to survive under most conditions.

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 · For more on fiddle leaf fig care and feeding, see our Gardening 101 guides: Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees 101: A Field Guide to Growing, Care & Design. 7 Secrets to Saving a Dying Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. Tropical Plants 101: Everything You Need to Know. Consider the Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Amazon.com: Hirt's Fiddleleaf Fig Tree – Ficus – Great Indoor. – Ficus lyrata, commonly known as the fiddle-leaf fig, is a species of fig tree, native to western Africa, from Cameroon west to Sierra Leone. It grows in lowland tropical rainforest. As a house plant the Fiddleleaf Fig is very easy to grow.

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 · If your heart wants a fiddle leaf fig tree but your black thumb is standing in the way, San Francisco Bay Area editor and garden consultant Julie Chai can help! While she considers fiddle leaf fig.

Pro tip: When you get your fiddle leaf fig, plan to drop it into a floppy basket. The Amazon fig has totally unrealistic plastic "dirt" that needs to be covered up, and both the Wayfair and World Market plants have eerily tiny bases that are heavy enough to keep the plants propped up, but would be a dead giveaway that your tree is a fake.

After years as the hot houseplant, the ubiquitous fiddle-leaf fig tree needs to be retired. These five rival specimens are ready for their place in the sun (or partial shade).

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and an oversized landscape photo on the wall. Throw in a fiddle leaf fig tree, nestled in a rope basket, and a furry throw pillow, and you’re the poster child for CA decor. 4. There’s No Such Thing As.