pocomoke crape myrtle

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Pocomoke is a true dwarf crape myrtle that only grows as a mounding shrub with a maximum height of 3 feet. It has bright pink bloom and is great for foundation plantings or in containers. Pink Velour.

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Q: What’s your favorite dwarf crape myrtle for this area? A: The National Arboretum has been a leader in the release of mildew-resistant crape myrtles. A truly dwarf introduction is named Pocomoke. I.

Pocomoke ( Dwarf ) Pink Crape Myrtlelagerstroemia indica pocomoke A true genetic dwarf which was introduced by the National Arboretum. Has nice bright p.

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Crape myrtles (Lagerstroemia species) are showy plants valued for their summer blooms and attractive bark. The genus includes dwarf varieties such as Lagerstroemia indica "Pocomoke," a plant that.

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One Smooth Hydrangea – It is better to plant the right crape myrtle than to commit to all that pruning. Chickasaw and Pocomoke are small enough to function as very small shrubs, and Tonto fits the bill if you need a bit.

How to Plant a Crape Myrtle (Planting Root Bound Trees) Discovering the secret gardens of Princeton – All are open to the public. Nestled in the back of McCosh Health Center is a small garden bursting with several kinds of crape myrtle – including white natchez and hot pink pocomoke – that bloom in.

The Pocomoke Crape Myrtle will grow less than two feet tall and about three feet across, keeping this dwarf habit for many years. Because of its small size it is an ideal choice for a colorful container plant or for group-plantings in the garden in front of larger shrubs .

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If you’re looking for a true dwarf crape myrtle Pocomoke is it. Well, there are other dwarfs but this one is my personal favorite. I like the varieties in the Razzle Dazzle series but, on average, they grow about twice the size of Pocomoke.