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Especially since your new ficus lyrata may live longer than you do, the plant you buy is important. Here’s where to buy a fiddle leaf fig tree. Where to Buy a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Locally 1. Home Depot or Lowe’s. Check your local home store’s indoor house plant selection for great deals on a fiddle leaf fig plant.

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The aptly-named fiddle leaf fig tree has extraordinary leaves shaped like violins that create a striking look in the landscape. This tree’s glamorous appearance fits right in with South Florida’s subtropical plant life. It’s easy to grow and very showy.

Do you have red spots on your fiddle leaf fig tree? Here’s why they happen and what to do about them. It turns out red spots are normal on new growth.

If you don’t have a green thumb or travel too much to care for a live one, Bunny’s faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is the way to go. Her’s is 7 feet high and hand crafted with full, lush green leaves that always look beautiful. Bunny Williams Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree features: Stone-look urethane pot Realistically textured trunkFaux soil

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Care – How to Grow a Fiddle Leaf Fig – The fiddle-leaf fig is the cool kid in town. It’s graced the pages of House Beautiful, held court in the New York Times, and has been featured on every hip blog, from Popsugar to Gardenista. Who.

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The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is for delivery to the New York City Area, to Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. It stands between 5 1/2′ and 7′ feet tall and is a great indoor plant for bright spaces. Available for purchase online in a Nursery Pot or professionally planted in one of our many pot selections.