growing sweet potato vine

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Both edible and ornamental varieties of sweet potato grow quite well in large pots. Both types grow best in sunny conditions, but if you want to grow the garden varieties that produce edible tubers, it will take quite a long growing season. It takes 100 to 140 days for sweet potatoes to grow harvestable tubers, depending on the variety.

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Sweet Potato Vine Care Must-Knows. Sweet potato vine loves the sun and does best in full heat. The plant is grown primarily for its wonderful foliage and tropical feel. Some of the older varieties may grace your garden with a few sporadic lavender blooms, but this is fairly uncommon.

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Sweet potatoes, are actually related to morning glories and can sprout a quick growing vine that will trail beautifully where you train it. Grow a sweet potato vine in a container on your porch or patio, or plant one in a pot right in your house. Choose a firm sweet potato from the produce section.

Grow Sweet Potato Vines From Tubers Video. Pop your cuttings in a jar of warm water and keep it in a jar in a slightly shaded area for around a week. Your cutting will be ready to plant out when the roots are about 3 inches long. You can also cover your Sweet Potato in Soil and water regularly.

When to Plant Sweet Potato Vine. Most of the time, the sweet potato plant is planted in the spring. However, depending on your growing zone, it can be planted at other times of year. The one season in which it’s generally not advisable to plant sweet potato vines is the winter. As a tropical plant, it prefers warmer temperatures.

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How to Grow Sweet Potato Vines | Garden Guides – Grow sweet potato vines as an ornamental plant, indoor house plant, or to get a head start on your sweet potato crop. Sweet potatoes do best in warm-climate gardens. If you live in an area with a shorter gardening season due to cool weather, consider growing your vine as an indoor house plant.