canyon creek abelia

canyon creek abelia is a dense, mounding, evergreen shrub displaying uniquely colored copper new growth maturing to golden yellow, then green. Fall color is bronze with rose highlights. Clusters of small, fragrant, tubular, soft-pink flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds from summer to frost.

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‘Canyon Creek’ Abelia. Abelia x grandiflora ‘Canyon Creek’ 2-3. A compact, multi branched shrub with glossy dark green leaves tinged in bronze. The fall color is rose bronze. ‘Canyon Creek’ Abelia is a multi-stemmed evergreen shrub with a tidy, mounded form. In summer you will have tubular pinkish-white flowers.

Buy Canyon Creek abelia online. canyon creek is one of the most uniquely colored Abelias available. Coppery yellow foliage that gradually progress to a soft yellow, and fade into a lustrous green. The fall color is bronze with rose highlighting. Clusters of small, highly fragrant, tubular flowers are pinkish white and can persist until autumn.

Abelias: The best plant for Dallas that nobody uses – If they did, many would dismiss it (wrongly) as a dowdy, old-fashioned shrub that belongs in a granny garden. The glossy abelia, or simply abelia (Abelia × grandiflora), is a hybrid plant that can be.

Abelia grandiflora Canyon Creek | Worley’s Greenhouse – Abelia grandiflora ‘Canyon Creek’ has uniquely colored copper foliage that turns to soft yellow, then green. Fall color is bronze with rose highlights. Clusters of small, fragrant, tubular, and pinkish white flowers summer to frost. Canyon Creek Abelia is semi-evergreen in cold climates. This Abelia grows best in sun to partial shade.

Canyon Creek Abelia is a multi-stemmed evergreen shrub with a mounded form. Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or shrubs for an effective composition.This shrub will require occasional maintenance and upkeep, and should only be.

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Additionally, "Canyon Creek" has a more discernable and very sweet fragrance. Although seldom, if ever, noted in gardening references, Abelia x grandiflora is a profoundly tough garden plant, able to withstand full-sun or full-shade with little to no irrigation and still bloom for nearly the entire summer.