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Bromeliads – Bromeliads are members of a plant family called Bromeliaceae.The family contains over 3000 described species in approximately 56 genera plus thousands of hybrids. The most well known bromeliad is the pineapple.

Guzmania Bromeliad. Guzmania spp. Guzmania is one of the most common bromeliads grown as a houseplant, and one of the most stunning. Its green leaves are topped by clusters of red, orange, yellow, purple, or white flowers.

On of the easier Bromeliads to grow indoors, Guzmania species and cultivars are popular for both the colorful and architectural foliage as well as the colorful flower bracts. It is often the long lasting upright flower bracts, sometimes persisting for 6 weeks, that makes Guzmania bromeliads are another excellent indoor plant.

Bromeliads come in different varieties. All have wonderful shapes and colours. The different members of the Bromeliad family have grand sounding names after their proud discoverers in the 18th century, such as Neoregelia and Guzmania.

Smaller bromeliads can be potted into small containers until they are established then moved into 4-inch or 6-inch pots until they flower. Be aware that a mature guzmania is a fairly top-heavy plant and will tip over in a standard plastic pot.

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Guzmania lingulata. Guzmania lingulata var. cardinalis Guzmania lingulata var. concolor Guzmania lingulata var. flammea Guzmania lingulata var. minor

GUZMANIA. Native to tropical rainforests, Guzmanias can be recognized for their thin, glossy, smooth-edged leaves, which form a water-holding rosette. Known for glorious flower spikes and a wide array of colors (including pink, cream, yellow, orange, red and maroon), these plants are famous for their longevity.

Guzmania Plant Care Tips: The Bromeliad With The Vibrant Star-Shaped Flower Bromeliads are colorful & easy houseplants. These Guzmania plant care tips will help keep yours looking great.

Guzmania bromeliads are wonderfully stunning tabletop plants. You can easily grow and bloom Guzmania Bromeliads yourself at home.

Bromeliad | Costa Farms – Bromeliads are bold, stylish houseplants that work especially well in contemporary, modern, and tropical decor styles. Bromeliads have colorful, long-lasting blooms (which last for weeks) that contrast beautifully against the strappy green leaves.

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